The Spinach Story!

Yes…spinach it was, that ultimately led to the creation of “Barsha Wines” & “The Souk“, and to our beautiful crazies Pash & Sura!

Spinach, you may ask??? We’ll, let me go back a bit…
9 years ago was the first time Adnen & I met. Do you wanna guess where that magical place was? Las Vegas baby!  And no, unfortunately we didn’t bump magically into each other on the strip with giant matching margarita cups.  We actually met “in the name of food”! (as Dianna Ross would sing it!)

We both got hired at Caesars Palace around the same time. Adnen was to realm the room service kitchen & cook for all of Caesars V.I.P’s who either won big or lost big, first meal or last meal…dun dun dun 😦 (I’m singing this sadly)
I got hired at Restaurant Guy Savoy, one of my dream kitchens!

So we meet at orientation. When I think about it, I do remember his laugh, his funny “break the ice” orientation dance…and him being at the loudest & giggliest table. I recall that when we all went out to eat as a freshmen class at one of the buffets, Adnen brought our whole table a plate of desserts. We also had the deepest conversation about dragon fruit…It’s funny how some things just stick with you…

So yada yada yada, we get into the grind of our own pot banging, french cursing, & sweat dripping kitchens.
It was one eerie afternoon in my kitchen, veal stock quietly bubbling, mirepoix finely dicing, and a spontaneous “allez” echoing off the stainless steel countertops. The sounds of a kitchen realizing that it’s gonna have more covers than it thought. A couple of hours before service, as I’m prepping spinach, I realize that we’re not going to make it through the night. Our calculations are off on in the spinach department. This is one of the best kitchens…you can’t just run out of *%@#. Heart starts pounding…

I think quick & start making my rounds to all the kitchens in Caesars Palace, begging for spinach. Now the task at hand can’t be that difficult…right?
WRONG! It couldn’t just be any old wilted depressed spinach, it had to be the best of the best! This spinach had to be pristine w/ morning dew dispersed on each leaf!!!
I walk fast, then start running from kitchen to kitchen, only to be turned down spinach-less or presented with old sad frumpy spinach. Heart beating faster & faster, I start to lose hope, then out of the side of my eye, I spot this all white clothed figure, w/ the tallest hat I’ve ever seen in my life, moving my direction. Could it be that guy w/ that laugh & that dance, that so happened to be at the loudest table in orientation?
He starts moving toward me in slow motion, I start running toward him, and we collide into each other, (sorry I just made that collide part up, just felt like that should’ve happened)
We recognize each other, say our hey’s, and all I can remember saying was “SPINACH NEED NOW”.
He tries to calm me down, says “Would you like a cappuccino?” (I just said that w/ a macho Italiano barista accent) and takes me into his dome. (walk-in)
LO & BEHOLD! He unleashes the most beautiful-est spinach I have ever seen! I take a deep breath & utter “YOU HAVE BEAUTIFUL SPINACH. Can I marry you? (No, of course I didn’t say can I marry you, but I sure did feel like it at that very moment)

We exchanged info as that was actually his last week. He put in his notice a week ago & was on the cuff of a new adventure. If I didn’t come at that very moment crying for spinach, I would not be sitting here writing this very story. Crazy huh? Our journey together started from that one sporadic moment & has evolved into what it is today.
I’m not going to say everything happens for a reason, but isn’t it insane at how the small random choices we make throughout life can have such a profound effect on our future?

Through-out this amazing journey, we’ve opened up Barsha Wines, stemming from our love of food, wine & hospitality.
This in turn paved the way for us to start our little family & open up our second business “The Souk“.

We are going to celebrate Barsha’s 4th year anniversary tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s been 4 years! Its extremely rewarding to see the fruits of something you’ve worked so hard to build from the ground up. It’s been an amazing journey & we want to thank you, all of our fabulous supporters, for your great energy & continued support.

Cheers & Much Love,


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